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Friday, August 3, 2012

Staff Health Care Committee: August 2012 Highlights (A MUST READ)

FY14 Health Care Design Plan Considerations

1. Remove the ability to waive coverage (opt out). This would bring about 500 employees back on the plan and recover anywhere between $217,000 - $600,000 in health care charges paid by employees, depending on their plan and dependent enrollment.
2. Drop the 500 Plan. There are currently less than 5% of UA employees utilizing the plan.
3. Establish a tier system for families, so families with more children (probably up to 3) would pay more. This would also apply to the employee + child(ren) rate, which currently is the same regardless of how many children are enrolled.
4. Develop a new High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), while maintaining the existing one, that will qualify for a Health Savings Account (HSA). Items to consider:
  1. Any individual that is covered under another medical plan (Military, Alaska Native, etc.) is not eligible to participate in the HSA.
  2. If spouse participates in Flexible Spending Account (FSA), the HSA is not available through UA.
  3. HDHP with HSA in which the plan covers more than the employee, the plan automatically moves to the family deductible.
  4. The funds roll over from year to year.
  5. When employment ends the employee keeps the account.
  6. Monies are only available as they are deposited into the HSA
  7. Employee is solely responsible for ensuring federal guidelines are met.

For more information visit the following links:

Statewide Voice
Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC)

Staff Health Care Committee (SHCC) meetings are open to all UA staff. The next meeting of SHCC will be held August 28, 2012 at 9:00 am. You may call in at 800-893-8850 and the pin is 4236369. When calling in please put your phone on mute.

You may also provide your feedback, concerns, questions or comments to any SHCC member via email. See committee members and email addresses below.

Staff Health Care Committee Members:
Melodee Monson (UAA) –
Constance Dennis (UAA) –
Carolyn Simmons (UAF) –
Catherine Williams (UAF) –
Mary Sue Dates (UAF) –
Maria Russell (UAF) –
Gwenna Richardson (UAS) –
Elizabeth Williams (UAS) –
Mae Delcastillo (UAS) –
Ivan Leibbrandt (Statewide Administration Assembly - SAA) –
Heather Arana (Statewide Administration Assembly - SAA) –
Monique Musick (Statewide Administration Assembly - SAA) –