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Friday, April 23, 2010

Union Organizing Activities

An arbitrator has ruled that only Alaska State Employees Association (ASEA) can proceed with unionization efforts at UA. They have filed a petition clarifying the employee group they are trying to organize. A copy is available on the Statewide Labor Relations site (click here). You can also view ASEA site (click here).

UA Labor and Employee Relations website is updated regularly. It has all the communication between the University and the union organizations. ASEA filed a revised petition April 13, 2010 to include Exempt and Non-exempt staff who do not hold supervisory positions. This site has great information for review.

The number of employees not represented between Exempt and Non-exempt is about 2500. UAF, UAA and UAS staff make up this number. UAF and ASEA will now begin the process of determining who are supervisors and who are not. Once this process is completed it will then be determined whether ASEA has enough signature cards or if more need to be obtained to have a vote. It is unclear at this time how long the process may take.

Whether you are for the union or against the union be informed. If it goes to a vote please remember to let your voice be heard and VOTE.
Technology Advisory Board (TAB) Spring 2010

Approximately $210,000 was available for awards. Twenty were either fully or partially funded for a total of $108,754 being awarded. The remaining funds were set aside as a one-time allocaiton for the UAF Faculty and Student Technology (FAST) Committee to propose a much needed strategic direction to OIT on Smart Classroom requirements on campus.

These funds may be used to refresh existing Smart Classrooms that are failing or to convert non-Smart Classrooms into a minimum level necessary (Tier 1) for most basic classroom instruction on campus.
UAF Mediation
  • There were 40 people at the mediation training in February. EEO has put together a solid mediation program.
  • Continuing edcuation type trainings will continue to be offered by mediators.
  • General Counsel has created solid documentation for mediators to use for the mediation process.
  • An example of a mediation session is a dispute between a supervisor and employee. Or employee Vs employee.
  • If UA became unionized the process would probably fold into the union.