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Friday, May 20, 2016

UAF Staff Council — May 2, 2016 — Summary

  • New Chief Human Resources Officer, Keli Hite McGee
  • Faye Gallant and Nate Bauer re-elected as president and vice president of staff council for FY17. Congrats!
  • UAF has moved over to city water! It will take a little time for the old water to be flushed out of the holding tank.
  • Unit representative changes: Moved Computer Science from unit 10 to unit 3. Also passed a motion to move all USA departments under unit 7. Unit 8 in need of a representative.
Chancellor said:
  • Parking Kiosks will have an app for payment. The agreement was finalized last week and we hope to have the app up and running in two to four weeks.
  • Alumni association membership is up by 23%
  • A third of private funding to the university comes from alumni
  • So far, 36 layoff notices have been issued and 15 term-funded employees have been non-renewed. Some of those may be recalled. There may be more issued.

Request for Your Feedback:
  • Nominations needed: The UAF Meritorious Service Award is a high and rare honor, given to individuals for outstanding service that is typically locale-oriented.
  • Vice Chancellor Burrell is asking for feedback on places on campus that are run down and in need of care. She is compiling a list of top 5. Email SC President, Faye Gallant with your suggestions:
  • Proposed revision to sick leave. Public comment needed by May 25
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Being Talked About:
Sick leave is not available for cash-out when an employee leaves the university; however, annual leave is available for staff to cash out— see grapevine for an explanation: