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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Health Care Plan Changes Approved

On Monday, November 26 statewide administration informed JHCC leadership of their intent to go forward with JHCC's nine motions and changes to our FY14 health care benefit. Click here to read the memorandum.


Anonymous said...

So, despite the large amount of negative feedback they received from staff about the opt-out, they are going to implement it anyway.
Is there any requirement that they track the costs this adds to the plan? I think the staff have a right to know what these decisions actually cost us - as they are being made even after massive amounts of negative feedback. This show us where we stand as the people who keep this institution running - we have no standing and management couldn't care less about us or the hardships they create for us. UA used to be a great place to be, now its just a paycheck until something better can be found. Morale is getting very low and its showing - students are suffering for it.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess President Gamble is not a man of his word. He stated, in writing no less, that he is committed to working with staff governance on issues and concerns.

The administration does not want to "announce the changes are final" according to Erika Van Flein on the Grapevine, but anyone with any common sense can see the writing on the wall.

This administration is not honorable. Staff are unimportant to them and replaceable. We were told that JHCC would be putting out recommendations and then staff would have a voice. In reality staff does not have a voice and the administration likes it that way.

I will be extremely surprised if more staff do not leave the university due to this treatment and lack of respect toward us.

How much would that cost in recruiting, training, and bad publicity. Bad word of mouth spreads much faster that good word of mouth.

Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted with the treatment of staff/administrative employees.
I plan to tell people the nightmares of our president administration. So, depressing. Along side our extreme energy prices to place additional healthcare increases than already told last year, is outrageous. IT REALLY DOESN'T matter how we are treated and blocking admistrative unionization is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How does this affect someone who is already covered by two other policys and if mine are better then iit is my understanding this would be my primary?

Anonymous said...

Well I went in on Friday to my dentist for a cleaning as preventative maintenance. To my surprise that is no longer covered 100%. When did that change? I had to pay a cost of $11. No that is not expensive. It is the principle that we are always being told that preventative is covered, again we have been misled.