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Friday, February 27, 2009

Chancellor Rogers

Chancellor Rogers attended the February 20th UAF Staff Council meeting. It was important to him to address the council in person to provide information on a variety of topics.

* The core operating budget approved by Governor Palin will cover pay raises, operating expenses, cooperative extension, maintenance and energy programs.

* The stimulus package has 8 million dollars for education and higher education, so UAF is hoping to see some of these funds.

* There is a slim to none chance the Life Science Building will happen at this time.

* There is money coming from the Federal Agency of Natural Sciences for the Arctic Research Vessel which is operated by UAF.

* The Alaska Volcano Observatory will also receive funds in their work.

* The Pell Grant will be increased by $500 over the next 2 years.

* There is 7 - 8 billion dollars of the stimulus package to increase rural broadband connectivity nationwide.

* Toolik Lake will have a benefit of 5 million dollars from the stimulus package in their work.

* Chancellor Rogers is interested in staff feedback on the supervisory training that has been occuring.

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